Professional profile

Consultant. Internet architect, specialist in free (libre) and open source software

Experience fields

  • Integration of multidisciplinary working groups as a specialist in Information Technology and Communication, with ample capacity to interact with profiles of other disciplines
  • Internet infrastructure: TCP/IP, routing, numbering, DNS, email, security, etc.
  • Open systems: Instalation, configuration, adaptation, support and maintenance. Free and open source software licence compatibility. Collaboration on existing projects
  • Security: Security policies and acceptable use policies design, network security, host security, operating systems and application security

Relevant skills

  • Inclusive Vision
  • Adapting to change
  • Interaction with internal and external customers, ability to understand vague requirements
  • Services definitions
  • Users, customers and non-tech-oriented administrators documentation design and writing


  • Spanish: Native reading, writing and speaking.
  • English: Fluent reading, writing and speaking.

Projects and achievements

  • Participation in the design and implementation of a contingency site in the ARSAT data center for AFIP’s IT services.
  • Design of the mechanisms and the logic behind the release of the domain name registrations directly on the .ar ccTLD.
  • Blockchain Federal Argentina’s (bfa.ar) logical, technological and timestamping design
  • Adaptation of the National Government’s «Remote Administrative Procedures» (Trámites a Distancia – TAD) system to support DNSSEC signature delegation (DS) for nic.ar‘s domain names (unimplemented as of 2019)
  • Design of logical separation between front-end and back-end for the nic.ar domain name registry.
  • Design and control of the .ar ccTLD‘s registry from a licensed propietary system to an open source back-end and the National Government’s «Remote Administrative Procedures» (Trámites a Distancia – TAD) front-end.
  • Security consulting and review of test cases of the data transmission network service of the Electoral Service (Servicio Electoral – SERVEL) for the 2016/2017 electoral processes of the Republic of Chile.
  • Audit of the voting system with Single Electronic Ballot for the general elections of authorities of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires of 2015.
  • Design, development and deployment of email antispam/antivirus for large ISP with hundreds of thousands of mailboxes (and other smaller organizations) using free and open source software
  • Design and deployment of internet services (email, dns, web hosting, user control panel) for ISPs’ customers using free and open source software
  • Migration from MS Windows to GNU/Linux of a medium-size ISP’s services for customers.
  • Enhancements and code contribution to multiple free and open source software projects (MailScanner, SpamAssassin, Courier-IMAP, Radiator, etc)
  • Patent writing for a skill gaming system with prizes (including money)
  • Architecture design and definition for server based gaming system, including random and money handling (in the server) and skill handling (on the user terminals)
  • Gaming room operators’ documentation of server based skill and random gaming system
  • Design and deployment of internet services and encrypted VPN for NGO with strict information privacy requirements
  • Design and deployment of system security, redundancy and performance and functioning monitoring for the on-line publishing of Argentina’s national and provincial elections results
  • Writing of the technical requirements for the educ.ar national education portal in its inception phase
  • Consulting on information and communication technology for all areas and projects of Argentina’s national Ministry of Education
  • MIB design and SNMP agent design for a carrier class email server
  • Design and deployment of 2-way SMS – SMTP gateway for major cellphone carrier
  • Stress testing of email server farms (internal and border) for large ISP
  • Technical coordination of the SIU project (Universities Information System) of Argentina’s national Ministry of Education
  • System analysis, design and implementation for Argentina’s first nation-wide household income and expenditure survey
  • Participation in the development of Argentina’s first computer calculated consumer price index
  • Participation in the creation of Argentina’s national academic network (Red Académica Nacional)
  • Participation in the creation and operation of the University of Buenos Aires’ Scientific Comunication Center (Centro de Comunicación Científica – RedUBA), including the first internet link for an academic institution in Argentina
  • System analysis, design and implementation of the first (MS-DOS) user-friendly email client for RedUBA (Chasqui)
  • Consulting for the RIU project (Universities Interconection Network)

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